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Exactly where do you put the frets on the neck?
On this page you can calculate just that.
It depends on the scale you want. Standard scales are 64 cm / 25 inch for a guitar, and 86 cm /34 inch for a bass. The results of the calculation are in the same units you entered, so if you enter 86 cm, the results are also in centimetres. The scale is the swinging part of the string, so between the saddle on the bridge, and the nut.

Some guitars and basses have a zero-fret. If that is the case, the scale is the distance between bridge/saddle and zero-fret.
The nut is just acting as a spacer when a zero-fret is mounted, the height of the strings is no longer determined by the nut, but by the zero-fret.
The reasons to apply a zero-fret: 1. you want to have the frets and zero point from the same material (a plastic nut sounds different from a nickel alloy fret). 2. You don't want to fiddle around filing the nut, when a zero-fret gives you the right height at once.
In the picture below the zero-fret is shown. The distance between zero-fret and nut is not that important.

To the calculation

New! Modification: The program now calculates up to 30 frets!
Enter scale and press Enter:

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